The Police Can’t Open Your Door, and You Don’t Have To

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Police

The police have a vast array of investigatory powers, for the most part they stop at the threshold of your front door.  That door can lead to your house, condo, apartment, cottage, house boat, maybe even your motorhome.  The police must stop and knock, call out, ring the bell, they have to do something but you don’t have to answer.  The exceptions to this rule are outside the scope of this rant.  The point of this short burst is to ensure that everyone knows that you don’t have to answer your door when the cops come knocking. 

We have all avoided the doorbell before.  Perhaps you didn’t want to hear about the saving powers of some deity in the sky.  Maybe you don’t want to lend your neighbour another cup of flour or perhaps you don’t want another box of almonds despite the grade 8 trip to the aquarium.  You are allowed to ignore your doorbell, even if the police are at your door.  You have no duty to participate in an investigation, especially your own. I say this because I think you would all agree that it’s odd for the police to make house calls. If they are knocking at your door they’re likely there to talk to you and that isn’t always something you want to be a part of.  If you are truly concerned about why they are there, and you can’t think of any reason why the police would be at your residence, then you can call the non emergency number and ask the front desk officer why the police are at your door.  Bottom line is that you don’t have to answer the door. 
If you do answer your door, if the officer has reasonable ground to suspect you have done something wrong then you do have the duty to identify yourself however, aside from that, you have no duty to answer their questions about anything.  Things get mirky if you open the door.  Both figuratively and literally, why answer the door?  Should you open the door or know someone who has and are now in need of a criminal defence team that will fight to ensure you receive the best possible outcome, call the team at Cake Criminal Defence. Our door is always open.