Officer I’d Like To Phone a Friend

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Criminal Defence

If you are arrested or even detained by the police, you need to call a lawyer. It is your right and it is imperative that you exercise that right. Don’t know the name of the lawyer? That’s okay, you can phone someone else to help you out. You don’t just get one phone call.

The Supreme Court of Canada affirmed an Ontario Court of Appeal decision earlier this month that overturned a previous trial court’s decision where that trial court failed to exclude a statement given to police by the accused during a murder investigation. During an interrogation, there are things the police can do and things they cannot do. They can lie to you. It is for this reason that, before talking to the police, the importance of speaking to a lawyer cannot be overstated. A lawyer can be your lifeline. Like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, you have the right to phone a friend if that friend can assist with finding a lawyer. If you have forgotten my name, hopefully your friend hasn’t. The police must provide you the opportunity to diligently access your lawyer’s contact information. You get more than one phone call. Situations can arise allowing for another phone call to the lawyer despite having already spoken to them. There are times when your right to counsel is not satisfied simply because you have already spoken to one.     

The police are expected to play by the rules of the game, but it cannot be assumed that they will. Further, it cannot be assumed that everyone arrested will know all the rules of the game they are now playing. Having access to a lawyer is critical to understanding what you ought to do and what you ought not to do. While it’s best to save my number in your cell phone, if you forget it you have the right to call someone who can help you get it. It is 519-381-5298 and is available at When you are detained or arrested by the police it is the only number that you need. Call the team at CCD Law. We defend!